[111203] Foto Kyuhyun Terbaru @ MOA Malaysia

Foto Kyuhyun Terbaru Desember 2011 @ MOA Concert in Malaysia
Photos taken by: shannon_187 @twitter (via. http://tieba.baidu.com)
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Foto Kyuhyun Terbaru 2011
Foto Kyuhyun Terbaru 2011 2
Credit : www.honeykyu.com  (via. http://tieba.baidu.com)
Foto Kyuhyun Terbaru 2011 3
Foto Kyuhyun Terbaru 2011 4
Foto Kyuhyun Terbaru 2011 5
Foto Kyuhyun Terbaru 2011 6
Foto Kyuhyun Terbaru 2011 7


  1. trima kasih ya...boleh nggak sya bicara pake bahasa inggeris karena saya nggak reti bicara pake bahasa indonesia..ianya agak aneh bagi sye...kalo boleh, thank you about the picture and did you go to MoA in KL??

  2. well it's ok bcos you live in Indonesia but I was in KL the night it happened...sooooo unlucky... and have SJ ever held SuShow in Indonesia?

  3. hey..sorry for the super late reply..SS4 is really awesome and I really wanna go..But I don't think that's gonna happen..who knows, maybe if they don't come to Ind u can go to Singapore..^^

  4. hhahahah bagus ko itu kyuppa nyaa :*


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